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了解如何领先的人字拖品牌哈瓦那, 生活方式零售巨头Terry SA旗下, leveraged LOCAD’s cutting-edge fulfillment solutions to provide 快 delivery and boost customer satisfaction.


  • 24订单调度和更快的运输
  • 对客户满意度有积极的贡献
  • 通过LOCAD控制塔,实现旅程的全貌

“Terry SA的特点是,它不害怕投资于进步的想法,克里斯汀·布鲁纳默说, 生活方式创造公司Terry SA的电子商务主管.

Before the pandemic, anything related to e-commerce felt secondary for most businesses. 当时实体店仍然是大多数顾客购物的首选, online stores and marketplaces only felt like extensions or “something that was just good to have”, 正如Brunermer描述的那样. 但当封锁使网上购物成为焦点时, 电子商务不仅成为必不可少的渠道, 但它也成为了最重要的一个. 

凉鞋 (Terry SA Inc) is one of the few forward-thinking retail leaders that were already e-commerce-enabled even before the market shift. However, Brunermer shared that e-commerce only comprised a small percentage of sales pre-pandemic. 但一旦他们迈出这一步,全力投入在线零售, 他们发现了一系列为忠实顾客服务的新机会.


6.限时抢购标志着哈瓦那人电子商务新途径的开始. 虽然他们第一次两位数的市场销售额也面临着不少挑战, the brand saw the potential to scale and transform it into their primary sales channel.

Brunermer shared that despite the exciting growth opportunities the flash sale offered, 他们花了15到30天的时间来交付订单. As their customers grew impatient for their orders – especially in a time where next-day delivery is the norm – requests for order cancellations increased. 

Back then, the team behind 凉鞋 was managing end-to-end fulfillment on their own. 拥有自己的仓库, 他们还必须带头, 教, and manage the people picking and packing orders which became a time-consuming job for the e-commerce team who already had their hands full. “劳动力管理对周转时间的影响最大,特别是在大流行期间,Brunermer解释道. Managing manpower and workforce productivity became a difficult task in the pandemic and as a result, 它影响了交付订单的交货时间. 


因为他们不断改进他们的系统和流程, 他们能够将交货时间缩短到10-12天. 但是Brunermer和她的团队知道还有更好的方法, 快, and more productive solution that they enlisted the help of fulfillment partner LOCAD. 

“现在有了LOCAD, we are able to dispatch orders within 24 hours and deliver super fast shipping to our customers,布鲁纳默说, 描述他们的8个.8次限时抢购经历.


华体会官网App下载总是说:华体会官网App下载无法管理华体会官网App下载无法衡量的东西,”布鲁纳默说. 衡量标准是电子商务成功的决定性因素, data analytics was one of Terry SA’s biggest considerations in outsourcing fulfillment. 

Brunermer在LOCAD之前分享了这一点, a challenge they continuously faced was the inconsistency between what their customers see on their e-commerce store and what they physically held in their warehouse. 这些差异是使用独立系统的结果——一个用于网络商店, 一是管理仓库库存, and many more – and eventually caused increasing out-of-stock orders and growing order return rates. 反过来, 商品被超卖, and customer complaints demanded manual intervention of 凉鞋’ customer care team. 布鲁纳默解释说,在大流行前,这是一项可管理的任务. But since the pandemic gave rise to the volume of their sales, manual intervention became impossible. 

布鲁纳默知道,他们现有体系的脆弱性不能继续下去, 他们必须寻找更好、更可持续的解决方案.

自从切换到LOCAD, 布鲁纳默和她在哈瓦那的团队过去手动做的事情变成了自动化. “这使得华体会官网App下载投入的成本非常高效,她说, 这表明LOCAD的生产力和效率很高. “不用为华体会官网App下载自己的房产买单, 管理房地产, hiring people to cover X square meters of that real estate – all of that has been lifted from us and now we are only looking at the cost per unit.”

从财务和业务的角度来看, Brunermer described that the decision to leave their e-commerce fulfillment to LOCAD did not only save them costs but also valuable time.  “对华体会官网App下载来说,时间总是等同于成本,”她说.

With LOCAD, Brunermer and her e-commerce team no longer worry about discrepancies in 库存和库存. “现在, what our customers see [in] our e-commerce store is consistent [with] what we physically have in our warehouse,她说. “华体会官网App下载的缺货订单真的减少了.”

LOCAD的完全集成 控制塔 to their own system has allowed them to view data that are retrofitted to the metrics Brunermer and her team are looking for. “LOCAD的系统非常周到, 它与操作人员真正需要看到的东西紧密相连,她说. “数据完整性总是存在的.” 

对于哈瓦那人来说,数据驱动的心态至关重要. Brunermer说:“华体会官网App下载看待电子商务的方式是衡量标准. “The beauty of the integration and the way that things are run by LOCAD is that [it’s] very data-driven – it’s so seamless and very, 非常符合华体会官网App下载做事的方式.” 

She also shared that the LOCAD 控制塔 being streamlined has also helped them understand and look at the crucial data in real-time. “因为LOCAD拥有的系统, 在某种程度上, we are now able to analyze our data 快 because the system [they have] is not only accurate but gives us [an] automated view of the reports.” 


Brunermer分享道:“自从Locad以来,客户的满意度真的提高了. After careful deliberation and analysis of their customer care tickets since switching to Locad, she and her team were pleased to see the large and positive impact of outsourced fulfillment on their customers and feedback.

“Our loyal customers of Terry and 凉鞋 and all of them are saying that our operations now have gone really way way way better,布鲁纳默说.  “If you have these loyal customers who are willing to wait 30 days for their package, imagine the joy they have when they receive their package in 3 days’ time because Locad is able to fulfill and prepare them in 24 hours.”

Looking back, Brunermer shared how supported she and her team felt from the very beginning. “Locad, we were able to get all the information we needed which were key takeaways from the first meeting within 24 hours,她回忆道. “And that’s super important to us because we were running after a deadline within the first three days of meeting the Locad team.”

端到端的履行和劳动力管理都能解决, Brunermer was happy to report that she and her team are able to focus on planning for the future. “Locad在人员管理方面支持华体会官网App下载, our operations team have now been upskilled and are now more focused on project management.”

随着电子商务继续以更快的速度发展, 哈瓦那人对Locad系统为他们工作的效果很有信心. “[Locad’s] system has a way of purging information and showing exactly what we have so it’s super transparent and credible and at the same time, 这是非常定制的,非常符合零售商的实际需求.”

想要迈出你的下一步,像Terry SA一样发展你的业务? 与LOCAD一起体验无忧的电子商务履行!




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